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The Process

Easy as one, two, three! Sit back, we got this. 

1: Price & Membership

Choose a membership package price from the price page above. Choose whether you want a basic package with only 1-3 designs monthly, or if you want an unlimited designs monthly package.

Once you call-in your order we will walk you through your next step.

2: Brainstorm

This is where the fun begins. Now it's time to put together all your great ideas and send it over to us. Below this section of this page, there's an example layout and information on how to submit your request. Always remember, there is no such thing as being over-descriptive/detailed. The more details and specifics, the easier and faster your order request can be put together.

3: Inspect Your Order

Once you've sent us your order request and we've confirmed your order we'll look through it and if we have any questions we'll email you with them and go from there. But, don't worry we're right here and by your side throughout the entire process, just in case you weren't too confident in knowing how to express what you're wanting to put together. Besides, that's what we're here for!

4: Our Time to Shine

This is our time to shine now. After we have a rough idea of what you're wanting to order and put together, we'll go ahead and start working on your project right away. Our turnaround time is roughly 2-3 business days. Almost always, faster!

5: Making It Right

When we're done with our first draft of your order, we'll go ahead and send it to you, so that you can review and proofread your design. This is where you make sure everything is correct, check for typos (although we'll do our best to do the same, we're not always perfect), this is where you check if the color scheme fits your vision or idea, and if any changes are needed such as moving any images around, etc. AND! Of course, always remember that revisions are free and unlimited!

6: Approve & It's Yours

Once we've done the whole process of making sure things are looking good and great, we'll send you a final draft for you to go over and if everything is good to go, we'll send you a confirmation email for you to approve the project. Once approved we'll send you your official design and their respective source files. 



We wish we were professionals in creating the perfect verbiage for your industry, but because we may not be familiarized with what your industry offers, it's why we ask that you send us the verbiage to your marketing piece. Besides... not two businesses are alike. Make sure you've doubled and tripled check the content you're sending over with your design. (Content is verbiage). Although we do our best in making sure if everything is correct. We always love it when we hit the bullseye the first time. 


The more information and detail you give us from the beginning, the easier and faster it will be for us to put your vision to work. 


Saw an idea you like online somewhere, or outside anywhere? Take a picture of it, or even screenshot it, and send it over to us! We Love Samples!


Content Info Verbaige

All marketing content has a Headline and detailed information about what you're marketing. Depending on who your target audience is, depends on how your verbiage will sound and look like. Make sure to include:

  • Headline

  • Slogan / Catchphrase

  • Details about event / promo

  • Warm, catchy invite wording or description of promo.

  • Specials / Discounts

  • Limited Time Only Description

  • Seasonal Phrases

  • Benefits to Event / Promo

  • Expiration Dates

  • Disclosures

In your request please be sure to include all & every contact information you'd like to put on the project such as: 

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Physical Address

  • Office Phone Numbers & Extensions

  • Mobile Phone Numbers

  • Website Address

  • Social Media Handles

Material Paper Cardstock

What type of material are you wanting to print on?

  • Regular Typing Paper Stock

  • Thicker Professional Paper Stock

  • Card Stock (16pt. - 18pt - 20pt)

  • Professional Magazine Stock

  • Professional Catalog Stock

Style Look Concept

What type of concept are you leaning towards?

  • Classic

  • Sophisticated

  • Elegant

  • Professional

  • Young / Urban

  • Religious

Color Schemes

What colors are you wanting or leaning towards?

  • Dark Colors

  • Light Colors

  • What Colors do you

       NOT WANT?

  • Be Specific

Orientation and Size?

Will your project be:

  • Horizontal

  • Vertical

  • What Size/Dimensions

  • Will it be Folded

       (if so what type of fold)

Coating  &  Shine

Are you wanting any shine

or coating?

  • Flat / Matted (No shine)

  • UV-Shine (Gloss)

  • Silk Coating

  • Spot UV

  • Raised Spot UV

Have a logo?

Send it to us, make sure it's in its highest resolution possible. Preferably in PDF, EPS, or PNG format.  

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