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We did our best to answer all the most common questions we've been asked. If you don't see your question below, please don't hesitate on shooting us a text message. We'll reply back!

  • What is the process to start?
    You can always refer to our, It's Easy! How? page to know the process, but, after you sign up, and your first monthly payment is accepted and processed, you'll receive an email confirming your payment and subscription. After that, you're all ready to go, to relax and leave the complicated designing work to us!
  • Unlimited Request & Revisions?
    Yup! That is right! Relax, sit back and take a deep breath. You now have a dedicated graphic designer to work on all your request. You can send in as much request as you want. But! Hey, we're human too, you won't get everything back meraculously overnight. But, you'll never be limited on the amount of request you can send it.
  • How fast can I receive my order?
    Everything we do takes a least 1 business day to complete, sometimes more. It really all depends on how complicated your request is, and or if it has a lot of moving parts. If it does, than obviously it'll take more time to complete. But, our normal turnaround time is usually 2-3 business days, almost always, faster! Keep in mind, you did hire a professional graphic designer that will take care of your needs that respect your idea. It's simple, common sense, goes a long way. Smile! You're in good hands!
  • I really need 18,540 designs a week, can you do that?"
    Remember you can send in as many request you like. Your dedicated & professional designer will work through them like a production line. Sometimes our timelines takes longer than your direct needs, and all order request are worked on in the order they're received. If you're pressed for a deadline, maybe putting other work aside means best while we concentrate on an order you're pressed on time. If you're leaning towards an higher goal of service, than we highly recommend working with another design service to meet your deadlines. But, you can always give us a try!
  • What kind of work can I request, and what is not included?"
    Limitless Marketing Group can tackle almost all your graphic designing needs. But unfortunately since this is a subscription service dedicated in providing quickly turnaround times; Logos, large branding packages, moving or animated graphics, 4 pages or more and that of any extremely complex illustrationss are not included. Each of those would need to be charge independently outside of this subscription services. (not too sure, and have more questions, just contact us, always remember, we're here to help you out)

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